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Coffee machine servicing


The best coffee comes from a well looked after machine

Not even the best beans or the most skilled barista can make up for impurities caused by a dirty machine. A well-serviced coffee machine will ensure the best-tasting coffee. Coffee beans contain essential oils, while these oils are responsible for the rich crema that tops your espresso, it can also be responsible for a rancid off flavour that develops over time. Regular servicing of your coffee machine is key to ensuring the best tasting coffee.

Coffee Doctor offers honest and dependable service for ALL your espresso equipment. We make preventative maintenance schedules to suit your requirements.
We have a wide range of parts for espresso machines and grinders stocked in our service van and workshop, giving fast turnaround on repairs.

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Regular service and maintenance

Ongoing service contracts, providing you with peace of mind

Full onsite servicing

Our well-equipped van can service your equipment, providing minimum disruption

Installation of new equipment

We are able to install all types of commercial coffee machines and equipment.

Water filter exchange

We recommend that you replace your water filter regularly in order to help prevent lime scale build up.

Boiler inspections

We pleased to advise that we can provide Coffee Safe Boiler inspections complete with certificate.

Full workshop descale

Full service and descale will be completed at our fully equipped workshop, with loan machines available to allow minimal disruption.

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